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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wild Horizons launch Victoria Falls Gorge Canopy Tour

We are apes after all!
by Frances Jackson

From the forthcoming issue of the Zambezi Traveller (Issue 13, June 2013)

Local tourism provider Wild Horizons launched their new Canopy Tour on 2 June 2013, a new activity set in the Batoka Gorge below the Victoria Falls. Zambezi Traveller Editor, Frances Jackson, was there with the family to test the ropes.

Swinging from tree to tree like a bunch of happy little monkeys was the Jackson family and some special friends one Sunday as we joined in the Wild Horizons fun day for Victoria Falls residents.

Wild Horizons director Clive Bradford invited the town to experience the Canopy Tour and we all came out in force and were not disappointed. Two hours of spectacular views and, yes (for me anyway), adrenalin, as we swung through the canopy around the gorge, and walked along high-rise boardwalks.

I never really mastered the art of gently braking in the trees, and felt sorry for Knowledge, our trusty guide, as a large human orangutan came swinging toward him at speed. That said, I still got from A to B and Knowledge was never knocked off his feet!

My twin daughters were natural apes and it was ooohs and aaahs all the time. Dear friends Joan and Gail, one adventurous granny who went first all the time and showed us how it should be done, and daughter who promptly said to Knowledge, "I want this job. I want to work here every day!" Kari, who was cautious until the penultimate swing which was the scariest then cast caution to the wind and whizzed through at great speed.

A really memorable morning. One thought as we all headed home for Sunday lunch: 'We are so lucky that we live here'.

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